Saturday, February 23, 2013

{Green with Envy}

Green with Envy:
Going eco-friendly is quite the trend and makes you feel good inside. Friends just sent me an invitation, handmade paper, created from recycled paper with seeds inside for you to plant. Such a lovely gesture. Incorporating all that is nature is sure to create a timeless moment.
Top Left & Right Image: Green Wedding Shoes
Second Image: Goes Wedding
Third Image: Tickled Pink
Bottom Left Image: Green Bride Guide/ Bottom Right Image: The Green Girls

{South of the Border}

South of the Border:
So beautiful is culture. When two people meet they share their own cultures, their own traditions and eventually create their own, unique to the couple they are. The above images were a collection that pays tribute to Mexican Celebrations. Lace, succulents, crochet masterpieces and much more give life to each corner of the wedding.
Top Left Image: Free People Wedding Gown/ Top Right Image: Vintage 1979 Print
Second Image: Wedding Design Anarchy
Third Image: Need Wedding Favors 
Fourth Left Image:Wedding Loft/ Fourth Right Image: Wedding Photographer Tec Tepaja
Fifth Image: Wedding Chicks
Bottom Image: The Looking Glass

{Love in Motion}

Love in Motion: 
Cana Video Productions is an amazing work of art. It's not only the little moments they capture, but the way they tell the story of just how special that day was.
Everyone that has ever gone down the aisle says that your wedding day is a blur.
Live, love and never forget those precious moments that made you fall in love. 
Visit for more incredible videos that will be sure to inspire.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Be My Valentine}

Be My Valentine:
So, I'm Not usually one to use hearts, but have to say the above images are just so cute! This really goes to show, if done in the right way anything can look elevated. Weather you love Valentines Day or loathe it, these images are sure to bring a smile to your face. 
Top Image: ColorBee Etsy Shop
Second Image: Unknown (Sorry!)
Third Image: Raspberri Cupcakes
Fourth Image: Vivienne Westwood Shoes (exact image unknown)
Fifth Image: Heart Made UK

Saturday, February 9, 2013

{Bohemian Beauty}

 Oh So Natural:
This lovely little collection of images really represents the beauty in everything around us. When looking for the perfect venue or that perfect centerpiece, don't overthink it.
Top Image: Jenny Packham
Second Image: Marni Mattner Photography
Third Image: Unknown
Bottom Image: Reblogged from

{Lavendar in Love}

Top Left Image:
Bottom Left Image:
Bottom Right Image:

Friday, February 8, 2013

{Back To Basics}

Back to Basics:
Love these incredible back details! When it comes to your dress make sure you love every inch of it. All those little details might just be something you pass on from generation to generation.
Top Image: Reblogged from
Second Image: Veluz Reyez
Third Image: Reblogged from
Fourth Image: Reblogged from
Fifth Image: Reblogged from
Last Image: Claire Pettibone 2013