Thursday, February 26, 2015

{Watercolor Wonderland}

Watercolor Wonderland:
Channel the artist in you! This technique simply adds a unique touch to your day. With color being added to more wedding gowns and the idea of "white" thrown out the window, floral watercolor dresses let the bride express your true style. Also know that these watercolor techniques can be done by anyone! find anything white and mix it up with your favorite pastels.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

{Honeymoon Ideas- Cinque Terre, Italy}

{Honeymoon Ideas-Cinque Terre}
Since this is one of my favorite places (and one of my honeymoon destinations,) I found it only fitting that this is the first "Honeymoon Inspiration" posts.
The largest city near this small vacation cluster is La Spezia, Pisa or the more northern point of Genoa. Train tickets can be bought easily from each one on the day of departure.
Located on the Italian Rivera, Cinque Terre literally translates to 5 cities.
These five beautiful cities (or rather small fishing towns,) are joined by a single path that twists and winds along the Mediterranean cliffs. It has a small town feel, perfect for relaxing after the stress of your wedding bonanza. This little Mediterranean cluster of towns can be your only destination in Italy or it could be tagged onto other trips such as Florence, Milan, etc. 
I recommend heading to the market for fresh fruit and prosciutto. Also, know that you don't have to stay in Cinque Terre, other small towns such as Levanto or a larger city such as La Spezia are just a train ride away.

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