Saturday, December 26, 2015

{Flowers in her Hair}

Flowers in her Hair:
Flower crowns aren't just for the flower girls, more and more brides are adding these to themselves and even their bridesmaids. This look can be dramatic with large colorful flowers or simply with just a spray of babies breath. Use these little details to add some color to the bridal party! Matching back to the men's boutonniere.
First Image: Glam Radar
Third Image: Newborn
Fourth Image (Left to Right): Not on the High Street & Martha Stewart
Last Image: Hello May

Monday, November 23, 2015

{Something Old, Something New}

Something Old, Something New:
The top combs are created with the use of old 1950's earrings. Aurora Borealis stones catching every color and reflecting back to be sure to catch everyone's attention.
The bottom combs were a once loved pair of shoe clips popular in the 1920's-1940's. Just love how flawless these items look with the new combs. Perfect to bring that something old, something new as well as some bling to your special day.
To purchase these items, shop us at our Dream in Details Etsy Shop!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

{Sneak Peak}

Sneak Peak:
That's right, more product for our Dream in Details Etsy shop coming soon! Thought we would provide a little teaser of the photoshoot. Special thanks to my beautiful model Sylvia Schulte for giving up her precious weekend to spend the day making our product look amazing. The above products will be available in the upcoming week. 
All images provided by Josephine Joseph 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

{Milk Glass for You}

Milk Glass for You:
Lovely touch of vintage! Milk glass is truly becoming more and more popular, from hair pieces to necklaces and even cakes, people are adding more white to their wedding day! Theses pieces give a vintage feel, but keep everything looking fresh and can be added to any palette. When you want to add more decor, but don't want to over-clutter, here is your answer.
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Last Image: BHLDN 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

{Watercolor Wonderland}

Watercolor Wonderland:
Channel the artist in you! This technique simply adds a unique touch to your day. With color being added to more wedding gowns and the idea of "white" thrown out the window, floral watercolor dresses let the bride express your true style. Also know that these watercolor techniques can be done by anyone! find anything white and mix it up with your favorite pastels.
First Image: Reblogged from  Brit + Co.
Second Image: Style Me Pretty
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Fourth Image: I Take You
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Last Image: Mikkel Paige Photography

Sunday, February 15, 2015

{Honeymoon Ideas- Cinque Terre, Italy}

{Honeymoon Ideas-Cinque Terre}
Since this is one of my favorite places (and one of my honeymoon destinations,) I found it only fitting that this is the first "Honeymoon Inspiration" posts.
The largest city near this small vacation cluster is La Spezia, Pisa or the more northern point of Genoa. Train tickets can be bought easily from each one on the day of departure.
Located on the Italian Rivera, Cinque Terre literally translates to 5 cities.
These five beautiful cities (or rather small fishing towns,) are joined by a single path that twists and winds along the Mediterranean cliffs. It has a small town feel, perfect for relaxing after the stress of your wedding bonanza. This little Mediterranean cluster of towns can be your only destination in Italy or it could be tagged onto other trips such as Florence, Milan, etc. 
I recommend heading to the market for fresh fruit and prosciutto. Also, know that you don't have to stay in Cinque Terre, other small towns such as Levanto or a larger city such as La Spezia are just a train ride away.

Top Image: Erika Brechtel Photography
Second Image (Left): Native Italian Second Image (Right): Unknown, Sorry!
Third Image: Reid's Italy
Fourth Image: Collecting Wonder
Fifth Image: Splendido & Splendido Hotel
Last Image (Left/Right): Unknown, Sorry!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

{Pretty lil Packaging}

Pretty lil Packaging:
Go to our Dream in Details Etsy Shop and get that perfect item for your special day. Each item gives a sense of unique style and vintage feel. Keep us in mind for the bride, the guests, and maybe something for yourself.
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

{Put a Ring on it}

Put a Ring on it:
Who said diamonds were a girls best friend? Think bigger, think color, think whatever expresses your
own personal taste and style. This does however involve some searching! Don't start at your typical chain jewelry store, but search through old family owned jewelry stores or antique shops, even scan through Etsy! It's almost as if it's a treasure hunt, so Happy Hunting!
Top Image: Bona Drag
Second Image (left): BHLDN Second Image (Right): The Cut London
Third & Fourth Images: Reblogged From Want That Wedding
Fifth Image (Left): Reblogged From Hey Wedding Lady
Fifth Image (Right): Etsy Shop Kate Szabone Jewellery 
Last Image: Love Gold

Sunday, January 18, 2015

{Furnished with Love}

Furnished with Love:
Just because your wedding is outside doesn't mean you can't offer the comfort of your home to your guests. These images above show great use of rustic/antique furnishing pieces, some used alone as photo props while others create an entire room outdoors. Perfect for the bride and groom or for those guests who want to rest their feet and take a break from the dance floor.
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

{All the lil ladies}

All the lil ladies:
Too cute right? When looking for that perfect little dress, remember kids always steal the show! Keep in mind that you don't need to shell out tons of money either, these girls are simply adorable in anything. The above images range from around $49.00-$700 dollars. (FYI: bottom left image was Marchesa for Target.) Flower girl dresses are also quite easy to make or to get made by a friend, aunt or that great seamstress next door. The flower wreaths are a great compliment to their petal throwing down the aisle.

Top Image: Etsy Shop Doloris Petunia
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Third Image: J. Crew
Fourth Images: Etsy Shop Doloris Petunia
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

{Josephine Joseph- Opens its Etsy Shop}

We are officially open for business!
Cannot believe we are finally open for business! Please check out our amazing store. We search the country to find those little vintage treasures that make each brides day a one-of-a-kind. Please visit us at our Dream in Details Shop by Josephine Joseph. Also follow us on our social media via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.