Friday, December 27, 2013

{Tis the Season}

Tis The Season!
Winter weddings can be quite amazing! The trick is to use touches of the holiday spirit and not overdo it. Think Winter Wedding not Christmas Wedding. Although I've added in the image of the ornaments, I caution you to minimize the use of true "Christmas" items.
Pine cones, cranberries and mistletoe can give a rustic feel. By adding a bit of shine, it can truly emulate the glistening white snow and really add a sense of elegance. So use it, but use it sparingly.
Lastly, a fur or faux fur cover up is a must! While you have all night to show off your dress in all its glory, don't forget to get some photos (outdoors) with your fur. Also, matching stoles for your bridesmaids is just icing on the cake!
Top Image: Before the Big Day
Second Image (Left): Van Ons Second Image (Right): Invites Weddings
Third Image: Studio Laguna
Fourth Image (Left): Purchase at Etsy Shop Back to Zero Fourth Image (Right): Studio Home
Fifth Image: Love It So Much
Last Image: Every Last Detail

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

{Holiday in Color}

Holiday in Color
More and more couples are combining their big day with the holiday's. Christmas and New Years Eve are among two of the most popular. By taking a more modern approach to the traditional "green and red" color palette, the overall feel is warm, inviting, but not overtly "christmas."
Choosing small details such as the greenery and floral arrangements commonly associate with the holiday season is a great place to start.
Top Left Image: Martha Stewart Weddings
Middle Image: Twigs & Honey
Top Right Image: JL Designs
Bottom Left Image: One to Wed
Bottom Right Image: Unknown...sorry!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{Jo & Juan}

Jo & Juan:
Thinking it was only appropriate to start the "real weddings" with my own. 
Juan and I are the true DIY couple. With myself being a fashion designer and Juan having a degree in Graphic Design, it was only fitting to start from scratch. 

***One piece of advice: 
* When planning your DIY wedding: Don't be afraid to ask for help. You cannot possibly do it all on your own, so call in the troops! Juan and I were both lucky to have not only people willing to volunteer, but also some amazingly creative family and friends.

The location was an easy pick. I grew up on a farm and always pictured getting married there, with weather being our only worry, we set the date for August 13th.
Starting with the invitations, Juan and I both created a whimsical "Wedding Wonderland" using watercolor as our base. We then used this design as the launching point for our color palette and theme for the entire wedding. 
Party favors (only costing 25 cents each) were flowers potted in soup cans finished with a colorful vintage label. Both the flowers themselves and labels helped to add color to the primarily white tables. Loved the look of these! Also, very easy for guests to take home and place on their windowsill.
Keeping on budget, my sister and I woke up at 5 a.m. to pick ten buckets of wildflowers for our centerpieces. These Queen Anne's Lace are truly my favorite flowers and better yet, they were free!

***My favorite moments:
*Hearing the sound of the trumpet while getting my photos taken. This was a sign that the wedding guests were arriving and that my big day had finally arrived.
*My maid of honor (my 15 year old cousin Sylvia) crying like a baby through the entire ceremony.
*Fireworks as a surprise wedding gift from my brother Jon.

 Keeping with the DIY theme, I designed and sewed my wedding dress, the flower girl dresses and the groom and ring bearers polka dot bow ties. 
I used my authentic 1950's yellow table to really pop the colors of the cupcakes and cake. While cooking/baking is not my forte, my cousin volunteered to create the amazing dessert display. This was something that couldn't have been more perfect! She really created something that fit my personal style and really complimented everything in the tent. As a wedding gift, she gave me the vintage crystal cake stand she used for my cake. I have to say it was my favorite gift and something I am hoping my children with use on their special day.
Lastly, all the amazing photos seen above were taken by my photographer Stephanie Lehnert.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to find not only a great photographer, but one who is truly easy and comfortable to work with. Our photos look natural and in the moment because that is exactly what they are. Stephanie could be seen literally running to capture those perfect moments.
Please check out more example of her amazing work at Novia Distinctive Photography 
Brides Makeup and Hair by Sarah Rupp 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

{Art Deco Delight}

Art Deco Delight:
So hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to see the Great Gatsby. It was without a doubt one of th emost visually pleasing films I've seen. I love the attention to detail, the beading and especially the clean lines of the geometric shapes.
If you want glam in a tasteful way, really study this era!
Top Image: Vintage Tea Roses
Second Image (Left): Versace Gown Second Image (Right): Justin Alexander Bridal
Fourth Image (Left): Twigs and Honey Fourth Image (Right): Brass Tack Events
Last Image: Nicole Rene Design

Monday, May 27, 2013

{Beautiful in Braids}

Beautiful in Braids:
These braids are much like a work of art!
It's amazing to me how something such as this trend can really withstand the test of time. Braids have been popular since even before Roman times and still today are used to represent beauty and femininity.
Well ladies, I always say that your photographer is your best money spent, but give them something to photograph, something that will inspire your daughter and your daughters daughter.
Remember timelessness always wins over trend.
Top Image: Luv and I Do
Second Image: I Love Style
Third Image: Makeup on the Edge
Last Image: Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

{Crazy for Chevron}

Crazy for Chevron:
So chevron is making a comeback in not just fashion, but decor as well. This is not your mothers retro chevron, it's fresh, new and updated version.
I am loving the boldness of the black and white as well as the subtle tonal patterns as seen in the bottom sequined image. The zig-zag pattern adds interest while not becoming overwhelming to the eye. I think of it as the updated stripe!
Top Image: One To Wed
Second Image (Left): Sweet Sunday Events Second Image (Right): Twirl Boutique
Third Image: Tiger Lily Weddings
Fourth Image: Registry Love
Last Image: La Tavola Linen

Saturday, April 13, 2013

{Happy Tears, Happy Cheers}

Happy Tears, Happy Cheers:
I am completely obsessed with the use of these vintage hankies. Mainly because each has such a unique design, color and look. The use is endless as well! From Save the dates, to invitiations to bunting, the list goes on and on.
Also love that these hankies were so popular at one time that you can find them at almost any vintage shop or estate sale and they price is very reasonable.
Hint: If your trying to buy one per guest, ask the store owner if you can get a discount if your buying bulk. Never hurts to ask!
Second Image (Left): Bridalhood Second Image (Right): Happy Hanky
Fourth Image: Ruffled
Fifth Image: Classic Bride
Last Image (Left): Last Image (Right): Love & Lavender