Friday, November 28, 2014

{Tea Time}

Tea Time:
Simply obsessed with all the vintage teacups and saucers being used in weddings. Think beyond the tea, these items can be used as favors, vases and simple beautiful table decor. Also, know that it doesn't always have to scream mad hatter tea party, the above images really flare more vintage than whimsy.
First Image: Irish Grzanich
Second Image: Reblogged from Wedding Chicks
Third Image: Artful Tea Etsy Shop
Fourth Image: Reblogged from Style Me Pretty
Last Image: Apropos Roasters Etsy Shop

Saturday, October 18, 2014

{Fall in Love, in Love with Fall}

Fall in Love, in Love with Fall
Autumn is a wonderful time to take advantage of all the color around you!
Antique and rustic, these colors are paired best with antique nickels and rusted and worn coppers.
Enjoy your day and find beauty in the background. Use natural accents such as reclaimed wood and sprigs of greenery.
Top Left Image: Unknown, sorry! Top Middle Image: Sweaters & Pumpkins Tumblr
Top Right Image: Whitney Neal Photography
Bottom Left Image: Merit & Vine Floral Design
Middle Right Image: Unknown, sorry!
Bottom Right Image: Reblogged from Castles, Crowns & Cottages

Saturday, August 9, 2014

{For My Ladies}

For My Ladies:
When trying to find the perfect gift for those special ladies in your life remember there are no rules!
This means, it doesn't have to be new and you don't have to get the same gift for everyone. Think of each girl individually and keep in mind their personal style.
The above images really give you a great idea of unique, outside of the box gifts. My favorite are the vintage compacts, I actually did this for my wedding, each girl received a one of a kind compact which represented each girls style.
Top Image: Calligraphy for Weddings
Second Image: Bride With Style
Third Image: Down and Out Chic
Fourth Image: Davie and Chiyo Etsy Shop
Last Image: {Vintage Earrings} Dream in Details Etsy Site Coming Soon! 

Friday, July 4, 2014


More and more couples are combining our beloved 4th of July Holiday with their special day! I love the true Americana feel that most often times lends itself to a farm setting. Not every little detail needs to scream red, white and blue, but think vintage, think hand-made.
Be sure to take advantage of any fireworks displays or be a bit adventurous and plan your own!
Sparklers are also a great activity, perfect for photos and doubles as kids entertainment in the late hours.
Top Image: Unknown Vintage Cake Topper
Second Image: Reblogged from Wedding Chicks
Third Images: Photo by Janet Howard Studio via Style Me Pretty
Fourth Image: Pill Photography
Fifth Images: Ashley Rose Photography via Style Me Pretty
Last Image: JK Photography via Ruffled

Saturday, June 14, 2014

{Peaches & Mint}

Peaches & Mint
Absolutely love this sangria inspired palette. It just reads so fresh! With this palette, 5 key colors were pulled, but note that levels of color are key! The coral flowers in the bouquet are a great example of what colors to use as accents. Anything vibrant and bright can be an accent. Use these colors sparingly, with the colors being so bright, it can easily overpower.
Golds and rose golds are the perfect pairing for these colors. The mason jars really capture how well the gold works in conjunction with the soft pastels.
Top Left Image: Reblogged from Wedding Mania Top Middle Image:
Top Right Image: Reblogged from Project Wedding
Middle Right Image: Reblogged from The Pretty Blog
Bottom Right Image: Reblogged from The Perfect Palette
Bottom Left Image: Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Sunday, May 4, 2014

{Beauty in the Background}

Beauty in the Background
These backgrounds are simply stunning! While each looks detailed and complex, many are quite easy to re-create. So for all you non-creative brides-to-be, don't be afraid! Grab a few friends and get your list of supplies.
I would love to point out the minimized use of color. This is something that allows for the backdrop to compliment the bride and groom without overpowering the scene.
Good luck!
Top Image: Edyta Photography
Third Image: Weddings In Iowa
Fourth Image: Jenny J. Photography
Fifth Image: Photography by Scott Townsley via 100 Layer Cake

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

{Greenhouse Effect}

Greenhouse Effect
With April showers bringing May flowers I thought it was only fitting for this "greenhouse effect" post. This is an unusual venue and something that may save on your budget, but as unconventional venues go, more thought needs to be input into the days events. If this seems too overwhelming for the  wedding day, it would potentially make for a great photo shoot or engagement photo session. Remember, take in the beauty around you and think outside the box!
First Image: Reblogged from Ruffled
Second Image: Unknown Sorry!
Third Image (left/right): Reblogged from Sweet Violet Bride
Fourth Image: Lauren Fair Photography
Fifth Image: Reblogged from Confetti Day Dreams
Last Image:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Paper Party}

Paper Party!
Love this post! It really gives everyone some great inspirational ideas for decor that is budget friendly, yet still looks delightfully tasteful. While colorful patterned paper can be used, simple newspaper can be just as beautiful. Grab your bridesmaids, some scissors and get to work!  
Top Image: We Heart It
Second Images: Wed Me Pretty
Third Image: One Wed
Fourth Images: BHLDN
Fifth Image: Confetti Day Dreams
Last Image: Wedding Bee

Thursday, February 27, 2014

{Beauty in Burlap}

Beauty in Burlap
Burlap has become such a trend, really capturing the rustic and vintage vibe. This fabric is
easily printed on via stenciling and is offered in a variety of colors.
So many possibilities it's endless. 
Fourth Image: Unknown Sorry!
Fifth Image (Left): Reblogged from Tonya Peterson Fifth Image (Right): Unknown Sorry!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

{Lovely lil Lingerie}

Lovely lil Lingerie
Since lingerie parties and Boudoir photo shoots are becoming such a popular trend, I thought I'd make a lil post. While this subject can be a very provocative, I believe it is best to keep in mind that subtleness can be sexy. Listen to your mother when she says "less is more."
These images above really capture overtly feminine looks from the delicate lingerie to the actual cropping of the photos. It looks as though the photographer has captured little moments that look so effortless.
My two "go to" designers for bridal lingerie are BHLDN and Claire Pettibone.
Top Image: Reblogged from Burnett's Board
Second Image: Etsy Shop Anista Designs
Third Image: Claire Pettibone
Fourth Image: Etsy Shop Andolinas Wishes
Last Image: Reblogged from Burnett's Board

Sunday, February 9, 2014

{Tying the Knot}

Tying The Knot
Okay gentlemen! I rarely post menswear items, but this is something I just can't seem to get enough of. These vintage bow ties are simply delightful and quite easy to make. If you know how to operate a sewing machine, you could make one yourself. While these seem to make amazing accessories for your day, they can also double as great gifts for the men in the bridal party. Throwing in a pair of vintage cuff links just adds to the uniqueness. 
Top Image: Reblogged from Swing Wedding
Second Image: Drawings by Jo James
Third Image: Reblogged from My Vintage Life