Sunday, February 16, 2014

{Lovely lil Lingerie}

Lovely lil Lingerie
Since lingerie parties and Boudoir photo shoots are becoming such a popular trend, I thought I'd make a lil post. While this subject can be a very provocative, I believe it is best to keep in mind that subtleness can be sexy. Listen to your mother when she says "less is more."
These images above really capture overtly feminine looks from the delicate lingerie to the actual cropping of the photos. It looks as though the photographer has captured little moments that look so effortless.
My two "go to" designers for bridal lingerie are BHLDN and Claire Pettibone.
Top Image: Reblogged from Burnett's Board
Second Image: Etsy Shop Anista Designs
Third Image: Claire Pettibone
Fourth Image: Etsy Shop Andolinas Wishes
Last Image: Reblogged from Burnett's Board