Friday, December 27, 2013

{Tis the Season}

Tis The Season!
Winter weddings can be quite amazing! The trick is to use touches of the holiday spirit and not overdo it. Think Winter Wedding not Christmas Wedding. Although I've added in the image of the ornaments, I caution you to minimize the use of true "Christmas" items.
Pine cones, cranberries and mistletoe can give a rustic feel. By adding a bit of shine, it can truly emulate the glistening white snow and really add a sense of elegance. So use it, but use it sparingly.
Lastly, a fur or faux fur cover up is a must! While you have all night to show off your dress in all its glory, don't forget to get some photos (outdoors) with your fur. Also, matching stoles for your bridesmaids is just icing on the cake!
Top Image: Before the Big Day
Second Image (Left): Van Ons Second Image (Right): Invites Weddings
Third Image: Studio Laguna
Fourth Image (Left): Purchase at Etsy Shop Back to Zero Fourth Image (Right): Studio Home
Fifth Image: Love It So Much
Last Image: Every Last Detail