Saturday, January 10, 2015

{Connect the Dots}

Connect the Dots:
Is this not the most adorable way to add a bit of print/pattern to your day or what? Love the simplicity of each image, note that most are tonal and not overly distracting or overly retro. Veils with small swiss dots or placed dots are all the rage right now. Can't get enough of it! Feels trendy, but classic all at the same time. Remember your day shouldn't be stuffy, have some fun with it and add a little whimsy.
First Image: Etsy Shop First Snowfall
Second Image: Reblogged from Burnettes Boards
Third Image (Left): Purchase at Posh Veils Third Image (Right): Reblogged from Wedding Bells
Last Image (Left): Photographers The Nickersons Last Image (Right): Purchase at Store NVY